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Grass-fed Beef in Martinez

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Silver Springs Ranch offers both bulk and Individual cuts  for sales — To make a purchase, you may contact us to see about our current inventory or to make a reservation on an upcoming harvest.

Silver Springs Ranch (Steven) can be reached at (925) 269-7205 or at silverspringsbeef@gmail.com

Alhambra Valley Beef and Pears offers both bulk sales of quarter steers and individual cuts of both beef and pork. Alhambra Valley Beef also attends the Martinez Farmers Market. 

We have come out of hibernation:

We are at the Famers Market every Sunday till Winter 

The Martinez Farmers Market is open from 10:00 to 2:00 on Sunday but we are open for business at 9:00 when we are there.. Don't tell any one its a secret ..

Alhambra Valley Beef. Darryl can be reached at (925) 228-6560.

Farm Tours & Visits: We’re not setup to do farm tours. We are happy to show you the Cattle from the driveway when you come to pickup your orders but nobody is allowed to walk in the fields for bio-security reasons.

Alhambra Valley/Briones Valley
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Phone: (925) 269-7205
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