Silver Springs Ranch and Alhambra Valley Beef and Pears

Ranched raised Pork

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Grass-fed Beef in Martinez

    We are a small family ranch, nestled in the open space area of the Alhambra Valley / Briones Valley Agricultural Preserve. We handle our cattle , with the assistance of our neighbors Alhambra Valley Beef and Pears. We are a community of ranchers dedicated to bringing locally raised grass-fed beef to the public.

   With adding pork to our Ranch we do feed a pelleted mix made local since pigs need a higher protein diet that grass can not sustain for them.

    Alhambra Valley Beef and Pears is made up of two neighboring ranches. The Sindicich Ranch and the Seven V Ranch. They came together in 1941 when Emma Sindicich married Edward Pereira . The family ranches the have been in the family for generations.

While we are refugees from the urban life who are proud to be part of the "slow food" movement. We got involved in grass-fed beef when we started raising beef for our own consumption. As friends became interested once they tasted free range grass-fed beef, we were off and running with Silver Springs Ranch, and Alhambra Valley Beef and Pears.

    With both Alhambra Valley Beef and Pears and Silver Springs Ranch committed to the respect and humane treatment of livestock we are happy to be able to supply great tasting beef.